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A solid reputation helps drive growth

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Agecroft Partners: Best Third Party Marketing Firm – In order to attract high quality hedge funds and help grow their assets, a hedge fund consulting and marketing firm needs to nurture its reputation for having strong investment knowledge, being ethical and highly selective in terms of the hedge funds it chooses to represent. Agecroft Partners is a consulting and third party marketing firm whose objective is to be viewed in the marketplace as a thought leader within the hedge fund industry; a firm of high institutional quality and representing some of the top hedge funds in the industry.

Don Steinbrugge (pictured), Founder and CEO of Agecroft says: “It is our belief that if we can achieve our firm’s goals, large institutional investors will want to schedule meetings with our firm and with our clients and that very high quality hedge funds will want us to represent them.”

To meet the organisation’s goals, Steinbrugge and his colleagues spend a significant amount of time doing due diligence on hedge funds across the industry. “We represent less than 1% of the funds we do research on,” Steinbrugge explains, which highlights the firm’s selective process in choosing the hedge funds it partners with.

Agecroft specialises in the alternative investment arena with a particular focus on hedge funds. The firm aims to be highly process oriented in how its hedge fund clients communicate with investors. We want to make sure that the message is concise, linear, clearly identifies the firm’s differential advantages and consistently delivered. This makes it easier for the investor to evaluate a fund and determine whether it is a good fit for their needs.

This detailed information is crucial given the competitive nature of the hedge fund industry. Steinbrugge notes: “The biggest challenge for a firm is the fact that although the hedge fund industry is large at $3.2trn, there have not been net flows in the industry over the past few years. At the same time, it is extremely competitive with approximately 15,000 hedge funds competing for business. So in order to be successful, you can’t rest on your laurels; you have to constantly be trying to improve the way you do things because those firms that are stagnant go out of business over time.”

Steinbrugge says Agecroft has consistently helped its clients raise over a billion in assets per year and will continue be our goal over the course of the year ahead. 2020 will also see Agecroft replace two of the managers on its books as current clients are expected to reach capacity for their strategies in the coming year. 

This year saw Agecroft organise two separate hedge fund conferences that were targeted towards educating investors on which hedge fund strategies look the most appealing, given current valuations of capital markets and economic expectations. This is evidence of the firm’s efforts in supporting best practice.

In further testament to this, the conferences differentiate themselves in that only prominent hedge fund allocators are allowed to speak on panels to ensure the information is unbiased. Agecroft aims to put up another successful conference next year.

“We also spend a great deal of time thinking about the capital markets, along with the hedge fund industry and trying to identify trends that people within the industry would find helpful,” Steinbrugge concludes. Another key objective for the firm in the coming year is to produce four well-received thought pieces on the industry. 

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