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SRAX partners with S3 to integrate short interest data into Sequire platform

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SRAX has collaborated with S3 Partners, a financial data and analytics provider, to incorporate short interest and securities finance data into the Sequire platform.

Sequire is an investor intelligence and communications platform where companies can track their investors’ behaviours and trends through data, and use those insights to engage current and potential shareholders, or any desired audience, across multiple channels. While Sequire’s proprietary data sets provide issuers insights into who is buying their stock, at what volume, and more, the addition of short interest data enhances the value for Sequire customers.

The institutional investment community has long used short interest data as an indicator to gauge investor sentiment for a company’s stock price. S3 wants the corporate community to know that they’ve created a version of their product that gives them the data and tools they need to understand how investors are viewing their company’s performance. On a mission to constantly add value for their clients, SRAX has teamed up with S3 Partners to incorporate their short interest and securities finance data into the platform.

“We are excited to offer a fully integrated user experience to companies on the Sequire platform that allows them to access and utilise S3’s data and insights to better engage with current and potential shareholders,” says Palak Patel, Chief Revenue Officer of S3 Partners. “This collaboration helps to level the playing field for corporate users by providing them with the same timely and quality information that many of their investors use to express views on their company’s share price.

“We look forward to partnering with SRAX to help their customers understand with more clarity the short interest around their listed equity as they navigate the public markets.”

S3 short-interest data provides transparency to all sides of the stock loan market with the only independent and unbiased bid, offer, and last rates for securities financing. The addition of this valuable data brings even more knowledge and power to the hands of Sequire users.

“Understanding short data is an integral part of understanding what is going on in any company’s stock. This feature is one of the most requested features from our clients and we are excited to launch this into the Sequire platform,” says Christopher Miglino, Founder and CEO of SRAX.

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