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Stigma Partners launches its first Ucits III macro fund

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Stigma Partners is launching the Stigma Funds (LUX) – Macro Cyclical Accumulator on 1 October.

Stigma says the fund is an alternative proposition to the turmoil currently facing the global economy.

Siamak Siassi, chief executive of Stigma Partners, says: “We decided to launch this new fund to meet the growing demand for a product structured in fund format reflecting our innovative investment concept so far only available in managed accounts. This new fund will broaden our product offering further while allowing a wider base of investors to benefit from our expertise.”

Capital preservation and wealth accumulation are the key values proposed by the fund. The fund is Ucits III compliant and aims to provide positive and consistent absolute return in all markets conditions with a strong focus on limiting downside risk.

The fund will be managed following an absolute-return approach with an objective of Libor + four to eight per cent per annum over a full business cycle with a reduced volatility. It is global in scope, and invests across all asset classes.

The fund is registered for public distribution in Luxembourg. Until the planned Swiss registration comes into effect in Switzerland, only qualified investors may invest into the fund.

Fund manager Costas Verriopoulos has more than 20 years’ experience in global markets.

Verriopoulos says: “The most compelling proof of our research capability lies in our three research publications critically acclaimed in the market: the Weekly Bulletin, the Market Roadmap and the Energy Roadmap.”

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