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Swiss advised, gold-focused portfolio re-opens for investment as returns top 9.6%year-to-date on low capital exposure.

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Goldilocks, the Swiss-run hybrid gold and currency fund is opening to investors on a continual basis following strong gains through 2011 with returns of +9.66% year-to-date (and +11.01% in the past 12 months) to end-October. The fund was originally “closed ended”.

The portfolio, advised by Zug-based Insch Capital Management AG, has attracted considerable support from investors due to its very high ROCAR rate (Returns On Capital At Risk) which verges on +45% (+44.98%) over the lifetime of the fund which first launched in January 2010.

“Beyond the strong performance, the key to Goldilocks’s success is the high level of capital protection,” explains Insch Capital CEO, Christopher Cruden. “Some 80% of the portfolio is comprised of gold notes, issued by banks rated A or better, which carry between 100% and 90% capital protection. The remaining 20% of the portfolio is invested in Insch’s proven currency program in which maximum losses are strictly limited to 50% of the currency allocation. This means that of every USD1,000,000 of invested capital, only USD100,000 is at risk – an important consideration in these troubled times,” Cruden added.

This performance, along with the exceptionally low fee levels and the very high Loan Value facility of the fund, has made Goldilocks of substantial interest to a wide mix of investors – especially Fixed Income investors, Clients of Private Banks and Hedge Fund investors.

Purnur Schneider FRM, Head of Research at Insch, says: “We believe Goldilocks, whose performance has strongly outperformed a wide range of investment indices and which, with its foundations in gold investment, is structured to ensure the preservation of capital without losing the potential for growth is ‘Just Right’ for today’s high net worth and institutional investors.”

Goldilocks is the Class C Shares of Insch Insight Ltd, a BVI domiciled mutual fund for professional investors. The minimum subscription is USD200,000 and the minimum holding is USD100,000. The continual offering period commences on 2 January 2012.


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