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Systematic fund Garraway to build assets

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London-based Garraway Capital Management has announced that it is to build on its strong 2016 performance with a programme designed to build its assets. Its Irish UCITS fund, Garraway Financial Trends, was launched in 2012, becoming a ‘pure’ UCITS strategy in February 2014.

The firm writes that the fund employs a proprietary systematic trend-following strategy to trade across global UCITS-eligible exchange-traded futures, including currencies, stock indices and government bonds.

Darran Goodwin (pictured), Fund Manager of Garraway Financial Trends, says: “After a solid three-year track record trading its current strategy and excellent performance in 2016, we are now at the stage where we are actively seeking to scale up the Fund. Garraway Financial Trends is already growing its assets, recently attracting a number of new investors, aligning with the increased interest which we see in the alternatives UCITS sector as a whole”. 

In 2016, Garraway Financial Trends (Class B GBP) was the best performing managed futures UCITS fund within the Financial Express Managed Futures Sector, generating a return of 19.37 per cent (and 38.92 per cent over three years to the end of December 2016) net of fees. The Fund ranks highly in the top quartile over one, two and three years within the sector, receiving the maximum 5 Crown rating, the only UCITS fund in the sector to hold this rating.

Garraway Financial Trends Fund Class A GBP was awarded a Top Ten Performance Award for 2016 by BarclayHedge in its peer group rankings and recently has been shortlisted for the ‘Emerging Systematic Fund of 2016’ in the Investors Choice Awards 2017.

The Fund aims to provide capital appreciation over the medium term with a target annualised volatility of 15 per cent. It aims to perform independently of traditional stock and bond investments, taking long or short positions in highly liquid exchange listed contracts; across global stock indices, government bonds and foreign exchange rates. The strategy provides valuable diversification benefits potentially improving the risk/reward profile of a traditional portfolio. The Fund does not trade commodity futures and therefore has no need to use total return swaps or certificates. The fund has daily liquidity and share denominations in US Dollar, GB Sterling, Euro, Swiss Franc and Japanese Yen.

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