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TAO Alternatives Diamond I SICAV returns 7.01 per cent net YTD

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The TAO Alternatives liquid alternative investment strategy has, as of July 2019, reached a 7.01 per cent net YTD for its Diamond I SICAV (LU1680844807) on the LRI Group UCITS platform. LRI Group is an investment services company and part of the global Apex Group.

The TAO Alternatives Strategy is recognised as being one of the longest standing in the Macro/Risk Premia space, with a track record stretching back over 12 years.
The strategy has a unique investment approach developed by Achim Motamedi (pictured), LRI Group Fund Manager for the Diamond I SICAV. The aim of the investment approach is to achieve equity like returns with significantly lower drawdowns. Long volatility overlay across all asset classes in the portfolio has made absolute drawdown optimisation possible, and the implementation of OTC instruments has enabled the strategy to not only steer clear of crowded trades, but also to access OTC instruments that are mostly unavailable to traditional portfolio managers.
Achim Motamedi, LRI Group Fund Manager for the Diamond I SICAV, says: “The TAO strategy has shown a relative outperformance against our peers in a generally challenging 2018, as such we are thrilled to be able to come back to the high yield performance level which the TAO strategy has not failed to produce since its inception over a decade ago. This has been made possible through unwavering adherence to our core philosophy: strict risk management, pragmatisms and quantitative decision making. We are pleased with how our strategy is performing and the feedback from the investor community. We very much look forward to finishing the year on a high and are excited about the opportunities over the coming years.“
Stefan Müller, LRI Group Fund Manager for the Diamond I SICAV, says: “The TAO Alternatives strategy, with over EUR 500 Mio AUM, has shown a year to date performance in its Diamond I SICAV UCITS fund of 7.01 per cent, followed by 6.42 per cent in the Platinum I SICAV AIF (LU1637342145), which as of now is almost at its annual performance goal of 7 per cent.
“The strategy has not only outperformed other market players, but it also displays veritable long term outperformance of traditional asset classes such as equities and bonds, as well as several alternative investment indices.”
Frank Alexander de Boer, Managing Director of LRI Group, says: “We are very happy to see the TAO Alternatives strategy go from strength to strength. At a time when markets have been turbulent, it’s great to see the Diamond I SICAV with such a strong performance. It has a longstanding track record and is managed by a successful team. We look forward to continuing to work with the team and being part of the ongoing success story.”

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