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Technology and the speed of change

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Linedata: Best Data Management Solution – Existing in a constantly evolving environment means that the ability to be nimble and capture value when it presents itself is a differentiator in the world of hedge funds. Technology is a driver in this as it supports managers getting value faster. 

“Speed is key. No one wants a two-year implementation project when they need to pivot their business quickly to capture an opportunity, or to deal with a new regulation. When we reimagined our Asset Management Platform – AMP, we looked through this client lens and built solutions that can be delivered quickly and effectively using dev-ops methodologies and our new technology stack backed by the cloud,” explains Paul Elflain, head of asset management for Europe, Linedata.

The firm launched its AMP platform during 2020. Though it was a difficult year, in some way it was almost the ideal backdrop for Linedata’s approach. Elflain comments: “AMP brings together cloud-based software, data, and people expertise to help managers be faster on their feet and more adaptable in how they run their businesses.”

“We have repositioned our software solutions to offer public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise technology options. These complement our data and services offerings. While we have always had a rich solution suite for PMS, OMS and Compliance, there is now more emphasis on tight integrations and a modular approach. Becoming cloud-based has fundamentally changed the way we build software and how we deliver benefits which in turn support our clients’ own business transformations. Our clients aren’t looking to replace like with like – they want to transform and future-proof their businesses.”

AMP is modular so new features can be rolled out quickly. With continuous integration and deployment, Linedata gives clients frequent, granular updates. This reduces the time, cost, and risk that came with past system upgrades.

Elflain outlines: “Delivering technology solutions to the hedge fund and asset management market is a never-ending process of innovation and change. We see tremendous client interest in our services and expertise around data, analytics, and APIs – these are all part of the DNA of our platform.

“Helping managers uncover and visualise new business intelligence from the data around existing business processes, or new data as with ESG, is resulting in innovation in trading and investment decisions and across the entirety of investment operations.”

The growing acceptance of ESG as part of the mainstream industry is something Linedata has been proactive on. Through its new Data Management Service collaboration with Arabesque S-Ray, the firm is helping clients limit regulatory risk, create trustworthy products, and get more competitive with ESG data already integrated into their software. 

Paul Elflain, Head of Asset Management Europe, Linedata
Paul Elflain brings over 25 years of experience in financial services and fintech to his current role as Head of the Linedata Asset Management business in Europe. Prior to joining Linedata, Paul held senior management roles at FIS Global (formerly Sungard) and DTCC Omgeo, in addition to involvement at fintech start-ups. Having spent the early part of his career in front office positions at Citi and others, he participated in the electronification of capital markets and evolution in connectivity. Paul is passionate about financial markets innovation and the growth in sustainable finance.

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