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Telos launches new DeFi platform TSwaps

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Blockchain platform Telos has launched of TSwaps, its new full-featured DeFi platform. 

The TSwaps platform allows for direct swaps of both telos tokens and low-slippage USD stablecoins, and includes yield farming liquidity pools, transaction mining rewards and a cross-chain token bridge between Telos and EOS with the telos to bitcoin and ethereum bridges to be integrated soon.
The TSwaps platform has a simple swap interface to allow for the creation of liquidity pools to exchange between a number of Telos-based tokens against one another, plus pegged versions of BTC, ETH, EOS, and USD. Users will be shown an estimated result and amount of slippage for the conversion before this swap is executed. TSwaps users will also receive transaction mining rewards with each transaction in the form of SWAP tokens. Reward tokens are issued based on the TLOS value of the transaction.
TSwaps will use the SWAP token as a governance and rewards token and users will receive SWAP tokens with every trade they perform on the platform. They then may either hold on to these tokens and participate in the platform governance or trade them for their share of fees collected by the platform. Approximately 25% of the fees charged by Telos Swaps will be used to repurchase SWAP tokens.
“DeFi, when done right, has the potential to radically transform the future of finance,” said Douglas Horn, Telos chief architect. “By enabling Telos-based swaps through a simple interface, while yielding maximum returns, we’re executing DeFi at its most basic and rewarding level. TSwaps is an important development for DeFi on Telos as it reaches out to expand and enrich other blockchain communities like Ethereum.”

TSwaps will also include a low-slippage USD stablecoin swap platform. The USD stablecoins collateralise the TLOSD tokens and are wrapped USDT and EOSDT tokens on the EOS blockchain. TSwaps includes an “X-Chain Bridge” tab that will allow  wrapped EOS and Bancor Network Tokens (BNT) to be sent to an EOS account. These tokens will also be available on Telos.
Additionally, Telos is applying funds recently raised via its TULIP (Telos Uniswap Liquidity Implementation Plan) initiative to provide liquidity to pETH/TLOS and pBTC/TLOS pairs, with additional pairs to be announced in the near future. This liquidity fosters TLOS-native DeFi adoption, coupled with no gas fees, fast transaction times and no front-running.

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