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Thomson Reuters launches M&A dataset to support event-driven hedge fund managers

Thomson Reuters has launched a mergers and acquisitions (M&A) dataset to support event-driven hedge fund managers.

Thomson Reuters M&A data provides the global asset management and alternative investment management industries with coverage of M&A activity worldwide.
It incorporates over 900,000 M&A events announced since the late 1970s, currently available to clients through a flexible suite of datafeed offerings.
This transaction coverage is now accompanied by a new event history companion dataset that features time series data through the evolution of the deal. The multidimensional view of the dates, valuations and events, from announcement to completion, empowers advanced quantitative modelling of completion probability, timeframes and risks over time.
Thomson Reuters M&A data allows hedge fund managers to:
• Track a deal's evolution and examine events leading up to deal consummation or withdrawal
• Gain a holistic view of current and historical deals against a fully normalised dataset dating back to the 1970s
• Isolate innovative predictive signals from a vast dataset of hundreds of M&A terms and conditions
• Combine robust and granular data feeds with current deal updates and other data in their systems to support algorithm back-testing
"We have reached an inflection point in the world of M&A activity and I am delighted that we are able to provide the hedge fund industry with a much needed tool to advance their merger arbitrage strategies," says Ranjit Tinaikar, managing director, advisory & investment management, Thomson Reuters. "Thomson Reuters M&A data further demonstrates our commitment to improve our customers' workflow by bringing together the content & capabilities our customers need to make more informed investment decisions and gain a competitive advantage."
The Thomson Reuters M&A database tracks changes in economic ownership at ultimate parent level in ongoing business. All deals involving a purchase of at least a five per cent stake (or a three per cent stake for disclosed value deals of at least USD1 million) are tracked, including transactions which began as rumours and "seeking buyer" transactions (including auctions and bankruptcy/receivership sales). 

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