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Torstone’s Inferno exceeds one million transactions per hour for post-trade processing

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Torstone Technology, a provider of securities and derivatives processing software to the global financial markets, recently showed that its Inferno back office system is capable of processing one million transactions per hour.

Working at Arrow Electronics’s Oracle-authorised solution centre in the City and using the Oracle Exadata machine, Torstone Technology’s tests were focused on equities and bonds to represent typical asset classes for a high volume business. The results gave a range of 240 to 300 transactions per second.
Brian Collings, chief executive of Torstone Technology, says: “Tier 1 investment banks are asking what the upper limit of Inferno’s performance is. We knew it was capable of very high volumes because we run all of our environments on a range of commodity hardware and had never reached the application’s limit, even with large clients. We took advantage of Arrow’s Oracle expertise and Exadata infrastructure, allowing us to understand how Inferno operates at high transaction volumes.”
Arrow’s Oracle Exadata machine ran Oracle 11g Enterprise on x64 Linux with a single virtual machine application server on a shared host (limited to 8 cores of an AMD Opteron with 64 GB RAM).
Amrik Thethi, chief technology officer of Torstone Technology, says: “Our detailed analysis of the results revealed areas where we can optimise further to push the raw performance even higher and deliver even better price performance to our customers.”

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