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Tradecraft Capital launches Crypto Asset Hedge Fund

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Tradecraft Capital, a crypto asset hedge fund and investment company, has launched its first fund, the Tradecraft Crypto Asset Fund, an actively-managed portfolio of concentrated, high-conviction positions.

Unlike many crypto hedge funds that act more as a long-term focused venture fund or a typical long-short trading hedge fund, the fund is focused on active management with a medium-term time horizon.
“Crypto assets are the first invention in ‘money’ since double-entry accounting was invented in the 1400’s. Blockchain and crypto assets will revolutionise how we transact business because it offers new ways to accumulate, govern, store and transfer value,” says Jake Ryan, Founder and Fund Manager of Tradecraft Capital. “The Tradecraft Crypto Asset Fund aims to encompass the transformative elements of this new monetary invention and provide investors exposure to this new asset class.” 
Crypto assets have continued their growth in awareness as an alternative investment class, including currencies such as Bitcoin, Ether (the token of Ethereum) and others. The total market cap for all cryptocurrencies is currently around USD400 billion, with projections of up to USD10 trillion according to RBC Capital Markets. The Fund sees this as a prime opportunity to get in early on something that could be more transformational globally than the Internet.
The Tradecraft Crypto Asset Fund is a long-only fund, which means it doesn’t take short positions on the crypto market. This is also an always-long fund, so it will always own some crypto assets. The investment objective of the fund is to achieve capital appreciation and maximise absolute returns by offering investors exposure to a broad range of crypto assets, whose value is secured by cryptography and other blockchain technologies.
Founded by entrepreneur and investor Jake Ryan, Tradecraft Crypto Asset Fund seeks to maximise risk-adjusted return by active management of 15 to 35 high-conviction portfolio positions. The company uses defined crypto asset classes to assist in the portfolio asset allocation and rebalancing processes.
Prior to founding Tradecraft Capital, Ryan had 20 years of professional experience in developing software technology, as well as personal experience managing his own investment accounts, including trading and investing in stocks, bonds, real estate, and more recently, crypto assets. From 2001 to present, Ryan has been the founder and CEO of Venice Consulting Group (VCG), a custom software development firm. He’s an angel investor, an advisor at Mucker Labs and an advisor to two startups. Ryan is also the managing principal and portfolio manager of the fund.
Ryan is an author of research work in artificial intelligence (AI), security and privacy. He has been the keynote speaker at AI conferences and has published his work, “Intrusion Detection with Neural Networks”, which has over 600 Google Scholar Citations.

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