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Truss Edge launches improvements for fund manager cash management

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Truss Edge, a dedicated technology and advisory firm serving the global fund management industry, has launched further improvements to its service.The new improvements focus on cash functions within fund management middle offices and illustrate the importance of the cash operations within an asset management business. Key areas of focus include cash reconciliation, including settlement matching intelligence and better cash use projections for trading desks.

All the updates are part of the latest update from Truss Edge and are available immediately to existing Truss Edge clients.

Jay Duffy, CEO of Truss Edge, says: “Managing cash requires that funds have clarity on all activities that impact portfolio cash accounts. Reconciling cash is therefore an important daily activity, as it not only ensures that cash settlements are anticipated, but cash breaks can guide the identification of trading activity and also collateral trade activity.”

Traders rely on precision in their cash holdings and cash projections to ensure they have deployed their investments correctly and that they remain in compliance with any rules that must be adhered to.
Cash reconciliation

Truss Edge’s cash reconciliation function is designed to match cash activity in bank and broker accounts with anticipated cash activity based on portfolio and cash-only activity.

Enhancements have been made to cash reconciliation in several ways:

• Greater intelligence to identify possible matches in activity where settlements may have been bulked;
• Technical improvements to optimise the efficiency of this feature;
• Enhanced tolerance features for the matching process.

In concert with the enhancements in the reconciliation process, Truss Edge has improved the projection of cash used by traders and portfolio managers so that future dated trade cash is included regardless of settlement date. This allows COOs and CTOs to have a greater understanding of available cash within the fund.

Truss Edge serves the operational requirements of both hedge fund and ETF managers with proprietary, single system technology that supports straight through processing automation. Its modular nature allows it to work with start up hedge funds all the way through to the largest ETF fund managers.

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