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UBP onboards absolute return strategy on alternative UCITS platform

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Union Bancaire Privée (UBP) has onboarded a new strategy on its alternative UCITS platform. Launched in partnership with Baltimore-based alternative investment manager Campbell & Company Investment Adviser (Campbell), U Access (IRL) Campbell Absolute Return UCITS is an absolute return fund.U Access (IRL) Campbell Absolute Return UCITS seeks to provide a balanced risk-reward profile across a broad range of market conditions through systematic investments in a diversified portfolio. The fund consists of underlying investment strategies that aim for low correlation and are differentiated by investment style (systematic macro, short-term, trend-following, and quant equity strategies), holding period, and instrument. Campbell is one of the pioneers in global systematic investing and has been constantly developing and enhancing its models over four decades. 

The U Access (IRL) Campbell Absolute Return UCITS strategy is the latest addition to UBP’s U Access (IRL) Alternative UCITS platform. Other funds available on the platform include:
• U Access (IRL) Trend Macro, a discretionary global macro strategy that employs deep fundamental analysis research techniques to capitalise on trends in both developed and emerging markets via investment in a range of liquid markets and instruments (fixed income, currencies, credit, equity indices);
• U Access (IRL) Cheyne Arbitrage UCITS, an equity arbitrage strategy combining a core yield (Merger Arbitrage) component and an opportunistic (Mixed Arbitrage) element, both being anti-correlated.
• Managed with a low market beta, the fund provides uncorrelated exposure to traditional asset classes; 
• U Access (IRL) GCA Credit Long/Short UCITS, an actively managed long/short corporate credit strategy employing a fundamental research process to capitalise on an information base built on decades of experience and a seasoned research team with an average of 20 years of experience;
• U Access (IRL) Shannon River UCITS a long/short equity strategy allocating capital opportunistically and dynamically across small- and mid-cap, “mis-priced growth” stocks in technology-related sectors. This mainly includes areas where disruptive technological changes have occurred, such as intellectual property, software, media, entertainment, equipment, connectivity and logistics.
Nicolas Faller, Co-CEO Asset Management at UBP, says: “We are very happy to partner with Campbell, who have such a long history and proven track record in systematic investing. We believe that given the current uncertainties in the market, a systematic strategy offering liquidity, diversification and decorrelation to traditional assets is an attractive investment proposal for investors.”
William Andrews, CEO at Campbell, says: “We are extremely excited to partner with UBP. As a leader in the global wealth management industry UBP is ideally situated to help us bring the U Access (IRL) Campbell Absolute Return UCITS to market. UBP’s combination of investment product expertise and deep client relationships across the globe are the perfect complement for Campbell’s systematic multi-strategy investment experience. We’re looking forward to not just a successful launch of the UCITS fund, but a successful long-term partnership with UBP.”

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