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Umbria Network adds Optimism bridge

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Umbria Network’s Narni bridge, which facilitates the cheap and fast transfer of crypto assets between different blockchains, has added Optimism to its portfolio of bridges.

Optimism, a Layer 2 Ethereum scaling solution that uses Optimistic rollups, has seen significant uptake within the DeFi space and currently has $1.20 billion Total Value Locked (TVL). Using the Narni bridge, users can now onboard to this popular network cheaply and quickly. In testing, Narni produced the following results in comparison to the official Optimism bridge.
Optimism bridge – cost: $0.52 speed: 5 minutes
Umbria Narni Bridge – cost: $0.32 speed: 2.5 minutes
The Narni multichain bridge now enables bi-directional transfer of tokens between the Ethereum and Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Binance Smart Chain (BNB), Arbitrum and Optimism networks.

The Umbria development team has also just completed the build of a new infrastructure, which makes the Narni bridges’s oracle system more modular. The oracle system negates the unnecessary on-chain operations that can be handled off-chain to dramatically speed up cross-chain transactions. The update has generalised the underlying core systems of the oracle so the code that each blockchain oracle requires can be more easily abstracted thereby reducing complexity and increasing efficiency for adding further blockchains to the platform in the future.

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