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Value of assets under custody held by Clearstream rises by six per cent

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The value of assets under custody held by Clearstream on behalf of customers registered an increase of six per cent to EUR12.0trn in January 2014 from EUR11.3trn in January 2013.

Securities held under custody in Clearstream’s international business as international central securities depository (ICSD) increased by seven per cent from EUR5.9trn in January 2013 to EUR6.3trn in January 2014, while domestic German securities held under custody in the German central securities depository (CSD) increased by five per cent from EUR5.3trn in January 2013 to EUR5.6trn in January 2014.
In January 2014, 3.90 million international settlement transactions were processed, an eight per cent increase over January 2013 (3.62 million). Of all international transactions, 79 per cent were OTC transactions and 21 per cent were registered as stock exchange transactions. On the German domestic market, settlement transactions in January 2014 reached 7.48 million, 10 per cent more than in January 2013 (6.78 million). Of these transactions, 66 per cent were stock exchange transactions and 34 per cent OTC transactions.
For global securities financing (GSF) services, the monthly average outstanding in January 2014 reached EUR571.9bn. The combined services, which include triparty repo, securities lending and collateral management, collectively experienced an increase of four per cent over January 2013 (EUR548.8bn).
Investment funds services (IFS) processed 0.78 million transactions in January 2014, a 16 per cent increase over January 2013 (0.67 million).
Philip Brown, head of global client relations and member of the executive board of Clearstream, says: “This year has started well – our record of EUR12.0trn assets held under custody on behalf of our customers is a sign of continued strength in our asset volumes. We are experiencing increases across all our business areas, be it the number of transactions we are processing or the volumes derived from our global securities financing and investment funds services business areas. This all stands us in good stead to keep confidently executing our business strategy – in particular, 2014 will be a year of market readiness for us to help customers and the market gear up to TARGET2-Securities, as the T2S 2015 go-live date draws closer.” 

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