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Vela’s Metro trading platform expands market data coverage and risk management capabilities

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Vela, an independent provider of trading and market access technology for global multi-asset electronic trading solutions, has integrated its Metro trading platform with its SuperFeed and DMA Platform, to provide expanded market data coverage and risk management capabilities respectively.

Vela’s Metro trading platform is a high-performance, server-based system supporting automated, algorithmic and click trading strategies that underpin buy- and sell-side trading requirements. Offering a complete solution for options pricing, execution, and risk management, Metro provides traders with access to all major US and European options markets, as well as newly-added Indian markets, on a single platform.
Vela’s SuperFeed delivers high-quality normalised real-time market data, with industry-leading levels of performance, availability and reliability as demanded by today’s trading applications. SuperFeed now powers the latency-critical aspects of Metro including the theoretical pricing centre and execution by way of quoting and automated target orders. With access to 150+ equities, futures and options data sets including all major Americas and EMEA venues and with a growing number of Asia-Pacific markets, the wider coverage provides Metro clients with the potential for a range of new trading opportunities by applying Vela’s options volatility management and risk analysis tools.
Vela’s DMA Platform offers normalised order entry, pre-trade risk, drop copy, and full risk management, supported by a strong clearing member ecosystem. With the DMA Platform, Metro clients are able to trade on more of the world’s leading futures exchanges. Traders looking to leverage options trading strategies involving common underlying commodities listed at different exchanges globally now have the opportunity to execute these trades and utilise the pre- and post-trade risk features on the Metro system.
Scott Visconti, CTO at Vela, commented, “By bringing together the technologies from our core product offerings, our Metro clients can access increased market coverage and value-added risk management capabilities. We are pleased to be able to deliver an integrated solution for market data, execution, and automated trading to help our clients simplify electronic trading for futures and options.”

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