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Vineer Bhansali launches new asset management firm and portfolio manager

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Vineer Bhansali has formed LongTail Alpha, a new investment management advisory firm that will provide qualified investors with the opportunity to benefit from the experience of one of the most accomplished tail risk experts in the financial industry.

LongTail Alpha believes that sustained portfolio performance comes from expecting the unexpected, and positioning portfolios to earn yield while maintaining convexity. The firm will blend a solutions approach with additional value provided through applying decades of experience in active portfolio implementation of these techniques.
“I am eager to embark on this new stage in my career, and apply my professional and academic experience for the benefit of clients,” says Dr Bhansali. “With another cycle of uncertainty disrupting financial markets, this is an excellent time to start a firm that can help clients navigate the volatility.”
By using a proprietary framework based on academically rigorous research and tested over two decades of implementation, the firm will assist investors in analysing the risks in their portfolios, hedging both “left-side” or negative tail risks and “right-side” or positive tail risks. LongTail Alpha will also deliver robust portfolios by combining market positions that optimally hedge the sale and purchase of risks across asset classes.

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