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Wavelength Capital Management – Best ’40 Act’ Liquid Alternatives Fund Manager

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Established in 2013, New York-based Wavelength Capital Management is an independent investment management firm specialising in liquid, transparent, and cost-effective investment solutions designed to preserve assets and produce returns in any economic environment. 

"We focus on research-driven, insights powered by technology," says Mark Landis (pictured), who co-founded Wavelength with Andrew Dassori. "We invest using a systematic approach that applies quantitative tools to process fundamental economic and market information. We seek to empower our clients through transparency in what we do, sharing our thought leadership, and our mission is to deliver the best balance of risk and return for their financial future."

Wavelength uses up to 100 years' worth of historical data and utilises implicit machine language to make the most educated deployment of its clients' capital, says Landis. 

Currently, Wavelength runs three investment products. Its flagship product, the Wavelength Interest Rate Neutral Fund, is a fixed income-focused 40 Act mutual fund that leverages a quantitative, systematic process utilising features of machine learning. It is designed to produce returns and preserve capital during rising and falling interest rate environments. 

Longwave Advisor is a digital wealth management platform for RIAs and Private Banks offering automated investment services and is, says Landis, "the first digital advisor to feature factor-based investing". 

The third product, Global Macro Signals, is an institutional product that utilises all three phases of Wavelength's portfolio construction: macro risk budgeting, factor signals and an overall risk metric overlay. 

Landis explains that risk is managed systematically from a top-down portfolio perspective as well as from the bottom-up, on a strategy specific level, to control for a variety of risk measures and dimensions including net and gross exposures, position concentration, beta, liquidity, and volatility. 

Reflecting on the growth of the business in 2016, Landis confirms that Wavelength achieved a number of significant milestones, underscoring its stated goal to be a trusted partner to both clients and employees alike "and strive to deliver the best balance of risk and return for their wellness and financial future". 

"We are a systematic investment manager and run our business using the same systematic, processes we utilise for investing. We continue to develop the business side accordingly. Although, we have exceeded our original plan and goals set forth when we started the firm, making sure we stick to our stated strategy map and not deviate is important. I often quote Benjamin Franklin, which sums up our philosophy: `Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning'.

Landis highlights three core values since Wavelength's inception that he believes set it apart from its peers. Firstly, collaboration (both external and internal); constant dialogue between the Wavelength team and their investors is key to achieving close alignment of interests and ensuring that Wavelength helps investors to meet their investment objectives. Secondly, cultural excellence. 

"We are committed to our people and their success is our success. We constantly look to better hone skills, apply talents and value contributions. We surrounded ourselves with smart people who view things differently from the way one person is inclined to see them The third core value is transparency. We seek to uncloak investing through the sharing of our research and ideas between ourselves and, more importantly, our investors," comments Landis. 

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