FNEX launches online platform for alternative investments


FNEX has launched FNEX.com, an online marketplace for alternative investments, including placements in private companies, hedge funds and managed futures accounts.

The web-based platform provides accredited investors, family offices and institutions access to investment opportunities offered by investment banks and funds across the US.
"FNEX is a centralised marketplace where investors and offering groups can connect and complete strategic transactions all on a single platform," says Todd Ryden, chief executive of FNEX. "Our unique and streamlined process caters to experienced, savvy investors who are looking for a simple sourcing platform that provides them with a reliable resource for identifying, reviewing and investing in a full range of alternative investments.
"The marketplace for alternative investments and private placements used to be about who you know, and sourcing opportunities were difficult and ad hoc. We have eliminated that issue and created an environment where accredited investors can focus their time on evaluating a deal, instead of trying to simply find an opportunity. Importantly, FNEX leverages technology to increase efficiency and transparency in a traditionally opaque market. This expands access to capital without creating disintermediation for any traditional market participants."
FNEX is a distribution platform for investment banks and hedge funds to list offerings. This platform provides investors with the necessary tools to educate themselves on alternative investment opportunities and enhance their ability to make informed and targeted investment decisions. The platform offers a wide range of searchable investment opportunities by size, sector and strategy. There is no cost for accredited investors to use the online platform. Other key features include:
• A Deal Room to accelerate the diligence and placement process in a secure environment.
• Account management tools which effectively allow FNEX users to receive ongoing automated alerts to investments that match their search criteria, and manage their closed and pending investments.
• Direct integration with self-directed IRA and alternative asset custodians, such as Millennium Trust and Kingdom Trust, to expedite the placement process for their clients.
All investment banking securities transactions on the FNEX will be conducted through StillPoint Capital, a member FINRA/SIPC. Managed futures accounts are offered by Captial Trading Group, registered with the CFTC and member of the NFA.

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