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3 December is ICAP Charity Day

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ICAP’s is holding it’s latest Charity Day – the single biggest annual fundraising event in the financial sector – on 3 December, when ICAP staff, customers and suppliers come together to raise money for a host of charities.

More than 60 offices in over 32 countries donate 100% of revenue and commission on the day.  

Last year, ICAP Charity Day – which began 22 years ago – raised an amazing GBP9.5 million in 24 hours, bringing the total amount that ICAP has raised over 21 years to more than GBP110 million. ICAP has supported 1,600 charities globally to date. 

For all of its efforts over the years, ICAP Charity Day has become embedded in the culture of the company and has become an integral part of its DNA. 

All of the charities benefitting from the funds raised on Charity Day will be visiting ICAP’s offices along with their celebrity ambassadors and supporters. With the help of ICAP brokers, the celebrities close deals directly with ICAP customers. 

The selection of charities that ICAP has supported include a vast range of projects from ground-breaking medical research, to capital builds; supporting the homeless, to campaigning for heritage restoration. ICAP strives to support causes that benefit all ages, cultures and creeds. 

This year. is no different to any other and ICAP will strive to raise as much for charity as possible. To read who ICAP are supporting this year, visit

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