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Artisan Partners launches Global Discovery Fund

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Artisan Partners has launched the Artisan Global Discovery Fund, which is managed by the Artisan Partners Growth Team, with Jason L White (pictured), as lead portfolio manager and James D Hamel, Matthew H Kamm and Craigh A Cepukenas also serving as portfolio managers.

White joined Artisan Partners in 2000 and has 17 years of investment experience, including serving as a portfolio manager since 2016 and as an associate portfolio manager since 2011 for Artisan Global Opportunities, Mid Cap and Small Cap Funds.
In regards to the Artisan Global Discovery Fund’s investment strategy, White says: “Our objective is to capitalise on our team’s 10 plus years’ experience investing in companies all over the world via the Global Opportunities Fund. Combined with our 20 plus years’ experience in mid-cap growth investing, we believe we will be able to offer a focused and highly flexible portfolio of companies representing some of our best ideas across the global economy.”
Artisan Partners CEO Eric Colson, says: “Since the founding of our firm and the launch of our earliest strategies in the 1990s, we have steadily expanded the investment flexibility of existing strategies and launched new strategies with greater degrees of freedom. This increases our investment teams’ ability to generate alpha and manage risk within the constraints required by clients. The launch of Artisan Global Discovery Fund is consistent with this evolutionary process. The Growth team has a track record of delivering solid performance results over full market cycles. We are confident the team will again add meaningful value with this new fund.”

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