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British Virgin Islands 2019 – Foreword

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With close to 1,500 registered funds, the British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a leading offshore domicile with hedge fund managers from all over the world choosing the jurisdiction to set up and manage their businesses. 

The popularity of BVI funds is testament to both the ease and cost-effectiveness of establishing business in the jurisdiction, as well as the quality and sophistication of the BVI’s legislative, regulatory and judicial framework.

This is reflected in the confidence hedge fund managers have in the jurisdiction as a result of our longstanding reputation as a respected globally integrated international business and finance centre. 

Our business and finance centre mediates over USD1.5 trillion of investment globally, equivalent to two per cent of global GDP, reflecting cross-border investment in the widest variety of physical, corporate and financial assets.

What’s more, our reputation has helped cultivate a cadre of world-class specialist providers forming part of an international network with offices around the world.

Other fund managers are drawn to our political stability and legal system rooted in English common law, protecting assets from potential loss, damage or sequestration as a result of socio-political instability.

Over the years we have successfully developed a range of adaptable company and business laws for the varying needs of hedge fund managers with complex structures and asset classes. This statutory infrastructure is respected by international regulators and standard setters across the globe.

We also have the ability to settle disputes at the highest levels of a company via our well-regarded commercial court and International Arbitration Centre, which maintains a roster of over 190 highly regarded international arbitration and dispute resolution practitioners.

The future of the hedge fund sector is bright. The continued growth of equity investment coupled with light speed developments in quantitative hedge fund technologies over the last year alone mean more investors are seeking returns from forward-thinking managers with a track record of success – and the BVI is well positioned to support with this.

The BVI is committed to continuing to work closely with hedge fund managers to create and maintain a positive regulatory and administrative environment in which they can innovate, evolve and grow and we look forward to seeing where the next 12 months take us.

Elise Donovan
Chief Executive Officer, BVI Finance

Elise Donovan
CEO, BVI Finance
Elise Donovan is the chief executive officer of BVI Finance and brings to the role wide-ranging work experience in Asia, North America, the Caribbean and Africa. Elise has played a major role in expanding and deepening the BVI’s financial services footprint in cities around world, specifically in the Asia Pacific region, through strategic relationship building, conducting forums and seminars on the BVI’s financial services business, including at major financial institutions.

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