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CoinShares to launch two new crypto investment funds

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CoinShares Group, the company behind the first bitcoin and ether exchange traded notes (Issued by XBT Provider AB) and the team behind the world’s first regulated bitcoin strategy (GABI), is launching two new flagship crypto investment funds.

CoinShares says that the CoinShares ‘Active’ Fund – a multi-coin, alpha-generating, active strategy – and CoinShares ‘Large Cap’ Fund – a passive, large-cap, basket fund – represent a natural evolution of market approaches based on the current trajectory of the crypto-asset economy.
The new funds follow the group’s October launch of the first Ether Tracking, Exchange Traded Products on Nasdaq Stockholm, which now holds more than USD350 million of assets less than four months post launch.
“As a group, we have developed a deep expertise in bringing new, fit-for-purpose crypto-investment products to market; products which offer traditional investors proper, familiar channels to access the crypto-asset ecosystem. We are particularly excited for these two new funds as they represent the latest evolution of our expertise and are built on key learnings from the last three years of managing crypto-asset investments,” says Daniel Masters (pictured), Chairman of CoinShares group of companies.
In addition to announcing two new funds, the CoinShares Group is also officially announcing the opening of a London-based office. CoinShares is seeking to establish itself in jurisdictions where crypto regulation is evolving and will work with regulators in this area.
“We are excited to establish the appointed representative relationship with Sapia Partners LLP, part of the Lawson Conner Group. As one of the European leaders in crypto-finance, we have a responsibility to lead by example; and as a group we believe that the crypto-finance community should seek more regulation, not run away from it; this London office is a proper step in upholding that belief. There is still a lot of work to be done on regulation in crypto-finance and we look forward to working with regulators throughout the process,” says Ryan Radloff, CEO, CoinShares (UK).

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