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EEX Spot Markets up 9 per cent in October

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EEX Group’s European Spot Markets increased by 9 per cent to 53.8 TWh in October 2020 with the EPEX SPOT Intraday Market the main growth driver recording an increase of 20 per cent to 10.3 TWh, a new record.A total of 900.1 GWh were traded on the Intraday auctions including the newly launched Intraday auctions in Austria, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. Launched on 14 October 2020, these new auctions reached a combined 26.5 GWh.

The European Power Derivatives Market increased by 17 per cent compared to last year. Those solid results were mostly driven by the double and triple-digit growth of the Belgian (+195 per cent) and the Nordics (+259 per cent) as well as the Austrian Power Futures (+113 per cent). The French Power market continued to grow in October with a total trading volume of 54.1 TWh, representing a +56 per cent raise compared to last year (October 2019: 34.6 TWh).

October 2020 marked a record month for several markets, including Dutch Power Futures (+164 per cent) and UK Power Futures (+167 per cent) as well as Greek, Romanian and Serbian Futures.

The Japanese Power Derivatives market recorded its highest traded volume since launching in May this year with a total traded volume of 111 GWh, thereby setting a new monthly record. In addition to an increase in trading volume from already active players, October also saw a major upswing in the number of new trading participants from both the domestic market in Japan and internationally around the world.

The European Gas Spot market increased by 4 per cent to a total volume of 126.3 TWh (October 2019: 121.8 TWh) with the French PEG hub achieving an increase of 42 per cent to 14.6 TWh traded (October 2019: 10.3 TWh). The German GASPOOL (+19 per cent) and the Belgian ZTP hubs (+17 per cent) reached a double-digit growth, reporting 17.5 TWh and 7 TWh respectively while the Dutch TTF also reported further growth of 7 per cent with 55.3 TWh traded during the last month.

On the Deriatives segment, the Spanish PVB hub showed a major increase of 50 per cent in October with a volume of 1.1 TWh (October 2019: 0.7 TWh)

The European emissions markets achieved further growth with a volume of 141 million tonnes of CO2 traded in October 2020, which marks an increase of 27 per cent (October 2019: 111 million tonnes of CO2). The main growth has been generated by the Emissions Spot Market with an increase of 37 per cent to 85 million tonnes of CO2. The secondary spot market achieved an increase of 209 per cent with 7 million tonnes of CO2 traded (October 2019: 2 million tonnes of CO2).

EEX Freight continued to report fantastic growth through October with an overall increase of 861 per cent to 64,351 lots traded (October 2019: 6,695 lots). Freight Futures achieved an increase of 855 per cent with 49,306 lots traded (October 2019: 5,165 lots) while Freight Options increased by 883 per cent, achieving a volume of 15,045 lots (October 2019: 1,530 lots).

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