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Euroclear UK & Ireland cuts investment fund order-routing fees

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Euroclear UK & Ireland has cut its investment fund order-routing fees for both high- and low-volume clients with immediate effect.

The tariff for 10,000 or more orders per year has been cut by nine per cent, rising to a reduction of 33 per cent for clients routing over 25,000 orders per year through the EMX Message System.

EUI’s fund order-routing fees are structured on a sliding-scale basis where higher message volumes are rewarded with lower fees. The new tariff reflects economies of scale and provides greater savings for customers that route more orders through EUI using the EMX Message System.

Clients can also make meaningful savings through a new “family concept” where fund orders generated by all clients of the same group will be aggregated to benefit from lower tariffs higher up the sliding scale of fees.

In addition, only one legal entity of the family will pay the annual account fee. Smaller volume users can benefit from a new feature enabling them to choose to pay the one-off annual account fee as nominal monthly payments to use the EMX Message System, with the possibility of full reimbursement upon attaining higher volumes.

John Trundle, chief executive officer of Euroclear UK & Ireland, says: “Clients that bring higher levels of business are being rewarded with significant financial savings and incentives. Our fund services have grown and we are sharing the benefits of scale economies with our clients and will continue to do so in the future. We welcome the 30 new clients that signed up to our fund services over the past few months; they will be able to benefit from robust fund transaction automation at even more competitive prices.”

Andrew Thompson, head of fund distribution at Sarasin & Partners, says: “We applaud Euroclear for lowering their prices for the routing of fund orders. Under the new tariff regime and based on current order activity, it is pleasing to find that we will be making a yearly saving of around 11 per cent.”

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