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Hedge Connection awarded second US Patent for business methodology of matching hedge funds and investors online

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Hedge Connection has secured a United States Patent (No 9,070,165) for the firm’s business methodology utilising dual online search engines and detailed databases accessible by qualified investors and hedge funds.  

Awarded as of 30 June, 2015, this second patent not only provides a continuation of US Patent No 8,468,078 issued to Hedge Connection in 2013, but also strengthens this financial technology firm ’s leadership position offering private placement matching efficiencies and ease of use within a controlled secure online environment.
“As a Fintech innovator, we are very proud that our pioneering solution to stimulate overall hedge fund investing within an efficient, low cost and compliant framework has been recognised with this patent award,” says Hedge Connection CEO Lisa Vioni (pictured). “Particularly in the aftermath of increased regulatory barriers presented by the US Supreme Court’s 2014 decision in Alice Corp v CLS Bank International, we consider our second patent truly exceptional and a tribute to the industry benefits of our innovative platform.”
“A business method patent issued in the post-Alice world carries with it the cachet of obtaining approval by the US Patent Office during a remarkable time, especially given the skyrocketing number of rejections asserted by patent examiners and challenges to the validity of business method patents,” says Mark D Schneider, patent attorney and partner of Gifford, Krass, Sprinkle, Anderson & Citkowski.

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