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IDEG’S Quant Arbitrage offers crypto de-risk options for global investors

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IDEG Asset Management Limited (IDEG), a professional digital asset manager, has launched the IDEG Quant Arbitrage service which aims to help crypto investors maximise returns with a risk-off strategy in face of the current volatile bear market for digital assets around the world.

With risk and uncertainty levels at all-year highs, arbitrage could provide a lower-risk strategy with no delta exposure. IDEG’S Quant Arbitrage offers a crucial de-risk option for professional and institutional investors as IDEG builds a complete array of investment tools to address all needs in the rapidly-evolving digital asset class. As cryptocurrencies mature, investors seek more varied strategies and methods aiming to gain from their trading activities – with arbitrage increasingly favored in recent times.

Managed through IDEG’s market-leading automated trading platform, investors can capture arbitrage opportunities at high speeds. IDEG will apply a market-neutral strategy to capitalise on price inefficiencies across digital asset markets, including both spot and derivatives. The arbitrage is driven primarily by algorithms based on statistical analysis and quantitative modelling. 

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