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Improving regulatory reporting efficiency

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The Portfolio Amalfi™ platform by Nedelma Inc. offers multi-asset, multi-language and multi-currency dynamic reporting and data visualisation and analysis capabilities to the asset management industry. The platform also offers data aggregation tools as well as portfolio management solutions and a calculation engine. 

In addition to Portfolio Amalfi, Nedelma has an online investor document repository with document approval workflow and interactive reporting. 

"The platform can be added to existing in-house and third-party products," says CEO Michael Medvinsky (pictured), who founded Nedelma after previously holding senior technology positions at Goldman Sachs and UBS. "Integration is quick and requires minimal input from the user's technology teams. Nedelma empowers end users to create reports on the fly and change almost anything dynamically, including formulas. We help users improve performance, increase assets, improve transparency, and reduce costs."

Portfolio Amalfi" seamlessly combines P&L, risk, exposure, third party and in-house data, making it available across numerous devices including the desktop, the iPad and other mobile devices. Users can tag positions with custom attributes, set up filtering rules, share reports, drill down to underlying information and aggregate data by any number of attributes.

"Our state-of-the-art reporting gives business users complete control of report creation with user defined attributes and data, and produces reports in most languages and currencies. The platform is delivered through either desktop or Apple-certified, iPad products. Our Apple certified mobile solutions are comparable to desktop applications and are far superior to web-based mobile reporting products.

Portfolio Amalfi" provides portal functionality by securely delivering investment information, monthly investor reports, interactive dynamic charts and grids, custom reports and other data. Nedelma offers its products directly to clients and by partnering with other vendors. For example, IKONIC Fund Services has licensed Portfolio Amalfi to provide dynamic reporting to their clients based on data exported from their core fund accounting system. 

The benefit to investment managers is that the latest fund data, including historical data, is seamlessly available in Portfolio Amalfi and they can run and build reports on the fly. As Medvinsky explains, Portfolio Amalfi reduces "I will get back to you" communication scenarios and enables managers to make investment decisions more efficiently, leading to more effective execution and improved performance.

"Additionally, flexible analysis of data both online and offline helps investment managers make decisions faster, reducing "down-time" when a user is on the go and needs rapid access to data. It also makes fundraising more effective by providing prompt and accurate feedback to investors with added transparency," explains Medvinsky. 

This can potentially lead to increased investments from investors and helps to retain existing investors and acquire new ones. One attractive feature of Portfolio Amalfi" is that it can be used as a CEO dashboard to give senior executives a holistic view across their firms, anytime and anywhere. Additionally, multi-dimensional reports and other features enable CEOs and other users to analyse their data from multiple perspectives using a combination of attributes, formulas and values, with almost no limit to how they view data. "To provide a first-class reporting system we combine power and speed through ad-hoc flexibility in reporting, data aggregation, data visualisation, calculations and analysis," explains Medvinsky.

Nedelma's multi-asset, multi-purpose and multi-language platform, including Apple-certified iPad solutions, is a powerful differentiator and provides numerous benefits, including helping with marketing efforts. It turns clients' data into actionable, profitable information and improves collaboration by users, anywhere and anytime, across the desktop and the iPad.

As fund managers face increasing regulation, Portfolio Amalfi delivers dynamic, add-hoc reporting to meet the compliance and reporting challenge. As Medvinsky concludes, improving managers' reporting efficiency "is one of the significant benefits of Portfolio Amalfi."

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