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Invast Global – Best Specialist Market Prime Broker

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Sydney-based Invast Global is a subsidiary of Japanese listed Invast Securities Co Ltd. Employing a prime-of-prime model, Invast leads the industry in the provision of multi-asset high-quality, non-bank Prime Services. It provides credit intermediation, access to liquidity (both OTC and exchange) and comprehensive trading platforms/API connectivity options.

"It has been an exciting and rewarding few years. Our business model has proved successful and we have benefitted significantly from the transformation seen in the prime services industry over that period," says Gavin White (pictured), CEO of Invast Global.

"2016 was a particularly satisfying year, with strong growth in demand from clients in all asset classes and record revenue and turnover metrics for our global multi-asset prime services facility, PurePrime"."

White confirms that as the curtain fell on 2016 Invast Global had cemented a 142 per cent YoY increase in total active client accounts, along with a 113 per cent increase in total turnover YoY.

"We have had great feedback from clients, many of whom have previously been clients of Tier 1 Investment Banks. It is satisfying when they tell us that they were not aware a non-bank alternative of such high quality existed," says White. He stresses that another unique feature of Invast Global's success is in allowing small/medium clients access to the world's largest non-bank liquidity providers: "We now aggregate liquidity from XTX Markets, Citadel Securities, Lucid Markets, Virtu Trading and CCM Alpha." 

Aside from regulatory and client-driven demands, White says that technology has also meant that a well backed Prime-of-Prime such as Invast is able to deliver "an extremely high quality execution venue for OTC priced markets such as FX. Our aggregation systems in both NY4 and LD4 deliver transparent pre- and post-trade access to approximately 20 bank, non-bank and ECN liquidity providers. Such access would not have been available in such a cost effective manner even two years ago."

Credit intermediation is a key component of Invast's offering. With access to four prime facilities it is able to offer its clients the NOP they need to scale their business on terms that are flexible enough to suit their needs. 

"When you combine this flexible credit intermediation with the exceptional liquidity we have curated within our aggregation systems, you begin to see how Invast as a non-bank Prime-of-Prime, in conjunction with some of the best non-bank price makers in FX globally, can provide a compelling offering.

"We named our facility PurePrime because it is the most transparent form of prime services that a client can access without a Tier 1 prime broker of their own," explains White. 

To further enhance the offering throughout 2017, Invast will be working to build out an aggregated liquidity venue for an increased range Equity Indices and Commodity products. In addition, Invast will continue to expand the range of coverage in synthetic equities to include a broader range of emerging markets and ETF based instruments.

"This year, we are continuing to invest heavily in our proprietary back office and risk technology, to ensure that we can accommodate and adapt to increased client demands. Comprehensive back office reports are a vital tool to allow our clients to effectively manage their business with us," says White. 

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