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Linedata launches automated compliance monitoring service

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Linedata has launched Linedata Disclosure Manager, an automated compliance monitoring service.

The service allows firms to manage regulatory obligations across multiple jurisdictions while avoiding costly fines and penalties for non-disclosure.
As financial markets become increasingly more complex and global in nature, a lack of global harmonisation of shareholding disclosure regimes presents a major challenge for firms to manage regulatory obligations. These challenges range from monitoring and understanding transparency requirements set out by various regulatory authorities to aggregating and calculating required disclosures across a large number of sophisticated investment vehicles with complex ownership structures.
Linedata Disclosure Manager automates the monitoring of required disclosures necessary for substantial shareholding, short-selling and takeover panel discussions. Leveraging the regulatory content provided by Derivative Services, an affiliate of Allen & Overy, the solution enables firms to build and sustain a robust compliance infrastructure and a culture of oversight and transparency. It also addresses the risks of non-compliance, which attracts ever stricter penalties.
“With rules differing from country to country, and a risk of criminal liability and/or substantial fines for non-compliance, it is critical for asset managers to work with a trusted service provider who is committed to helping them meet their many regulatory obligations,” says Bob Proctor, vice president of global front office asset management product strategy for Linedata. “Linedata’s global footprint, award winning compliance platform, superior client service and strong legal input from Derivative Services will provide the industry with a service offering that protects their reputational risk and meets their disclosure needs today and well into the future.”
Leveraging the framework and rules engine of Linedata Compliance, Linedata Disclosure Manager provides automated monitoring and detecting of disclosures to provide a clear, actionable and aggregate overview of holdings. The browser-based interface offers workflows to identify, research, modify and approve filing requirements via a secure connection to Linedata’s service centres. 

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