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LiquidityEdge uses Inforalgo for market transparency obligations reporting

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LiquidtyEdge has implemented Inforalgo’s Regulatory Reporting Hub (RRH) for US Treasury reporting.

Inforalgo is a provider of straight-through-processing and trading system integration to the Capital Markets industry.
Established as an alternative trading venue for US Treasuries, LiquidityEdge provides a bespoke trading ecosystem that connects a trusted community of buy-side clients, professional trading groups, regional dealers and primary dealers.
Since 2015, Inforalgo has been providing integration solutions for rapid new client onboarding and post-trade STP solutions to support both LiquidityEdge’s LE Direct and LE Select trading models. The existing solution helps LiquidityEdge produce reports and match trading data into a harmonised data set for integration into their data analytics reporting.
The recent RRH implementation facilitates real time reporting from LE Select to FINRA TRACE for US Treasuries to fulfil LiquidityEdge’s obligations for their risk-less principal leg of the trade to ensure compliance with market reform and rule changes relating to transparency.
The RRH provides an agnostic approach to the data source and reporting service requirements of clients across asset classes. It also enables disparate data sources to be normalised into a standard reporting data model that can then be integrated with a client’s chosen reporting solution. This provides clients with the freedom to select a single reporting service to meet all their reporting obligations.
Nichola Hunter (pictured), CEO of LiquidityEdge, says: “Reporting can be onerous and it’s important that we provide an efficient and effective solution to support our clients in meeting their obligations. Inforalgo’s best-of-breed technology allows us to meet transactional data set requirements, including matching, reconciling and reporting. As a result, we have been able to reduce the effort required in meeting reporting obligations with greater speed and accuracy.”
Jordan Ambrose, CEO at Inforalgo, says: “LiquidityEdge provides a phenomenal service for its clients and RRH helps relieve them of much of the burden that comes with FINRA TRACE reporting. We look forward to strengthening an already strong relationship and supporting the company’s growth plans with our data management solutions.”
Commenting on the partnership, Spencer Lake, Chairman of the Board, Inforalgo, says: “In a market of increasingly complex rules and directives, our valued and strategic partnership with LiquidityEdge is a testament to the robustness of our regulatory reporting solution.”

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