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LoCorr’s Macro Strategies Fund reaches USD1bn in total assets

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The LoCorr Macro Strategies Fund (LFMAX, LFMCX, LFMIX), has surpassed the milestone of USD1 billion in net assets. 

The LoCorr Macro Strategies Fund is not only the largest fund in the firm’s suite of low correlating solutions, but is the fastest growing fund with the highest net flows in its Morningstar Managed Futures category over the past 12-month period ending 5/31/2020.

Since inception in 2011, the Fund has delivered strong risk-adjusted returns and has outperformed both its benchmark and the Morningstar Managed Futures Category, as of 5/31/2020. Based on risk adjusted returns for the same period, the Fund (Class I) has ranked as a Morningstar 5-Star Fund in the Managed Futures Category for the overall and 5-year periods and a 4-star rating for the 3-year time period out of 87, 87 and 72 funds. Significantly, the Fund has attained Top Quartile Ranking for the 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year time periods out of 80, 88 and 104 Managed Futures funds and was also awarded the prestigious 2020 Lipper Fund Award in the best Alternative Managed Futures Fund category for a five-year period ended 12/31/2019 among 23 funds, based on historical risk-adjusted returns.

LoCorr’s experienced sales teams and research department have been pivotal to the Fund’s success. Our sales professionals have delivered the Firm’s message of the importance of portfolio diversification utilising low-correlating solutions with conviction and passion. Our research team’s ability to select and combine complementary, world-class, institutional money managers has been key to the Fund’s performance success.

“We are very pleased with how well the Macro Strategies Fund has been received in the marketplace,” says Kevin Kinzie, CEO of LoCorr Funds. “We believe one of the keys to the Fund’s success is in the education around the role that low-correlating strategies can have in a portfolio. Recent events impacting global financial markets have been a strong reminder of the importance of diversification and the need for low-correlating solutions such as the LoCorr Macro Strategies Fund to create a smoother ride for clients. We’ve partnered with thousands of financial advisors seeking better ways to manage risk, and broker dealer firms who have given us the strongest research endorsements with placement on recommended lists and in home office models.”

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