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Lyxor’s Expert Opinions: Alternative Investments, the Year for a more Flexible Approach – November 2014

With lower expectations for traditional assets, many institutional investors have increased their allocation to more flexible, alternative assets to secure both performance and diversification for their portfolios. As a result, hedge funds are now growing faster than any other types of assets.  

Multi Hedge-Funds bring a combination of expertise to meet investor transparency requirements and optimize the risk-return ratio. It makes it easier to access a range of strategies adapted to volatile market context, which are often too complex to analyze and select directly.

Sources of performance can be better identified, with a more precise and detailed view over positions, as well as investment and risk decisions.

The search for more flexible investment solutions and new sources of return is for the long run. The industry is maturing and there are new investment solutions, new ways to access these investment styles.

 Hear our latest Investment Insights, presented by Jean-Marc Stenger, CIO for Alternative Investments, Lyxor Asset Management.

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