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Match-Trader launches new 3in1 Forex trading platform

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Match-Trade Technologies, a Forex and crypto turnkey technology provider. Has launched Match-Trader, 3in1, a trading platform for MT4/MT5.

The new platform offered to brokers consists of web, mobile and desktop applications which make it a universal tool. It was designed to work in MT4/5 environment as well as a stand-alone trading system with its own backend infrastructure. The developers made sure that each broker can easily add Match-Trader’s web and mobile components to its MetaTrader platform to boost clients’ trading experience.

Match-Trader platform can be purchased currently as an addition to the MT4/MT5 White Label, soon it will be available as a White Label itself or with full Match-Trader server.

The new FX trading platform provides vast branding possibilities such as adding a broker’s logo, changing colours and naming the app. Match-Trade’s team also made sure to ease the installation process. Match-Trader was developed in a cutting edge technology to be deployed straight to the broker’s website and to be easily installed by the user. The advanced technology makes this 3in1 platform truly one application.

“Match-Trader is a 3in1 trading platform developed in-house by our team of experts. It was designed to provide our clients with simplicity, transparency and modern design at a reasonable price. Our platform is distinguished by ease of use. Traders can fully synchronise settings between the web, mobile and desktop, and easily switch between accounts. When designing Match-Trader, we focused on making it intuitive and transparent -–the user has a full picture concerning costs and the final result,” says Piotr Łągiewski, Head of Product Development at Match-Trade Technologies. 

Match-Trader is fully integrated with Match-Trade’s Client Office app with CRM with a Single Sign-On feature added to improve user retention. This unique application is meant to help brokers convert Forex leads to traders in the most effective way. The technology provider also offers many complementary solutions and supporting applications as well as consulting and business services.

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