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OSTTRA and LCH SwapAgent collaborate to reconcile bilateral OTC trade data

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OSTTRA’s portfolio reconciliation service, OSTTRA triResolve, is now actively reconciling data received from LCH SwapAgent, part of London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG).

Building on an existing relationship between OSTTRA and LCH SwapAgent, where trades legally confirmed on OSTTRA MarkitWire are registered into the LCH SwapAgent non-cleared service, this collaboration provides enhanced benefits to customers.
LCH SwapAgent is a service designed to standardise and simplify the valuation and settlement of non-cleared OTC derivatives and is now connected to OSTTRA triResolve to enable the reconciliation of member trade data.
Market participants can authorise SwapAgent to send their data directly to OSTTRA triResolve so that they can reconcile all their holdings versus counterparties in one place – at the required regulatory frequency for total portfolio size. This enables participants to use one coherent reconciliation process that takes advantage of OSTTRA triResolve’s workflow tools to help investigate and resolve differences.

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