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Qbasis Fund Management lists on AlphaMetrix

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Qbasis Fund Management (QFM) has listed its Qbasis Futures Fund as a TransparentFund on AlphaMetrix.

As a TransparentFund, Qbasis Futures Fund is now visible to the AlphaMetrix network.

Qbasis Futures Fund will retain its existing structure and service providers while offering investors in-depth risk monitoring, reporting, customised transparency and a thorough background investigation via AlphaMetrix.

“The listing of the Qbasis Futures Fund on AlphaMetrix is another step we took to provide more transparency and customer service, including an additional third-party source of risk management and due diligence, to our client base,” says Philipp Poelzl (pictured), co-founder of Qbasis Fund Management. “Our strategy was designed to be the best possible diversifier for a stock-correlated portfolio. With all the tools available at AlphaMetrix, one can easily analyse our program’s characteristics and find out how effectively a portfolio can be stabilised by using Qbasis.

"We share QFM’s focus on transparency, which makes the firm an excellent partner for AlphaMetrix,” says Mikus Kins, chief product and business development officer at AlphaMetrix. “We are thrilled to deliver all of the benefits of AlphaMetrix to Qbasis Futures Fund’s investors, including cutting-edge fund performance tracking tools and value-added risk and research reports.”

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