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Quant Insight expands across US markets with Omega Point partnership

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Quant Insight, a macro-economic insights provider, has partnered with with Omega Point, a provider of portfolio tools and services for the institutional investment community, marking its first significant expansion in US markets.

The partnership will offer Omega Point users access to Qi’s rigorous macro analytics technology via Omega Point’s intuitive web interface and all-inclusive API. This enables users to quickly and easily discover specific macro factors driving asset prices, analyse their impact on portfolio holdings, and design and implement targeted mitigation solutions.
Qi macro analytics adds a new level of transparency across the macro landscape, allowing users to determine the aggregate macro exposure of a portfolio and uncover macro risks and opportunities, thus gaining unprecedented control over the investment portfolios under their management.
Spanning stocks, ETFs, equity indices, FX, commodities, rates and cryptocurrencies, Qi macro analytics provide asset impact insights from inflation expectations, real GDP growth, monetary policy shifts, big moves in energy prices, and other related forces as they emerge.

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