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Aliquot Gold Bullion Fund selected for HFRX indices

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Hedge Fund Research has selected Castlestone Management’s Aliquot Gold Bullion Fund as a constituent of its HFRX indices.

The HFRX indices are investable products built using a Ucits III-compliant method.
The Aliquot Gold Bullion Fund offers 100 per cent direct unleveraged exposure to physical gold bullion, with no equity exposure and no corporate risk. The fund thus offers true portfolio diversification away from traditional asset classes.
Castlestone Management’s Angus Murray says: “We are pleased that HFR has selected Aliquot Gold Bullion Fund for its platform. The selection of the fund shows the acceptance not only of the fund, but also the asset class itself. We are particularly pleased as this represents further validation of our view of gold as a portfolio diversifier, which we have advocated strongly since we launched the Aliquot Gold Bullion Fund back in 2003. This validation has also been evidenced by the wide acceptance of the Aliquot range of commodity funds on leading investment platforms.”
Castlestone Management believes it is a good time for investors to consider direct gold exposure as a portfolio diversification tool. It says the unprecedented levels of money supply growth in the wake of the financial crisis can only lead to the devaluation of money relative to real assets such as gold and other commodities. Gold can help protect portfolios against the potentially capital-eroding effects of this process.

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