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Amundi Alternative Investments expands its investment offering to Asia global macro space

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Amundi Alternative Investments has partnered with Complus Asset Management Limited, an asset management company based in Hong Kong, to provide investors with an Asian focused Global Macro strategy on its AIFM compliant platform.

By adding Complus to its Platform, Amundi AI offers a new, complementary strategy to its existing investments. The Asian Macro Strategy, launched by Complus in 2011 is a discretionary global macro strategy with a focus on Asia.
The investment team aims to leverage its trading experience in these markets to conduct a fundamental as well as a market dynamic analysis in order to construct a balanced portfolio using relative value and directional positions.
Global markets are at a juncture. Markets are struggling to price the implications of monetary policy divergence as well as the events in China, which has led to increased volatility. This context offers an attractive backdrop for discretionary macro strategies with notable Relative Value components. These strategies are able to take advantage of the pricing discrepancies that this volatility creates, across and within asset classes.
Michael Hart (pictured), Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Global Head of Business Development of Amundi AI, says: “Complus has a well-established strategy, managed by a very experienced local team. It is focused on fixed income/rates and FX and is well placed to benefit not only from existing market inefficiencies in regional fixed income markets but as well as the repercussions of policy divergence. We feel that asset size has become a significant hindrance in certain parts of the market. We strongly believe that Complus is at an optimal point in its development cycle; assets are large enough to offer business stability yet small enough to maintain the nimbleness required to capture market opportunities.”

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