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Analyst Hub adds FFTT to roster of independent research providers

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Analyst Hub, an independent research infrastructure platform company that provides talented sell-side analysts a path to owning their own enterprises, has added FFTT (Forest for the Trees) a boutique research and investment strategy firm that produces unique macroeconomic and thematic research, to its platform.

Founded in 2014, FFTT serves a customer base of institutional and high-net worth individual investors. FFTT aggregates large amounts of publicly available data from a wide variety of sources in a unique manner to identify developing economic bottlenecks and resulting investment opportunities. FFTT serves clients around the world with a focus on the United States and Canada, the UK and Europe, and Asia.
FFTT founder and CEO Luke Gromen was a founding partner at Cleveland Research, an institutional equity research firm, and previously served as a senior executive in institutional sales at FTN Midwest Securities and Midwest Research Maxus Group. Focusing on macro sectors and themes including interest rates, energy prices and geopolitical trends, FFTT combines macroeconomic and thematic research with economic analysis in a way that often uncovers developments that others tend to ignore; Gromen founded FFTT as a response to the increasing compartmentalisation of investment research that overlooked the complete picture. 
“So much of analysis is soundbite driven. While it’s important to have a narrative, you can’t let a catchy story limit the scope of what you are looking at,” says Gromen. “We look at inordinate amounts of material and connect the dots in truly a unique way that often helps our clients better analyse events and construct a fuller range of potential investment outcomes to supplement our customers’ investment processes.
“Our business is growing rapidly, and Analyst Hub is the perfect partner to focus on our marketing and expanding our client base while we focus on developing and publishing actionable insights and analysis that can’t be found anywhere else.”
Built by senior, veteran equity research sales professionals, Analyst Hub is designed as a sales-first platform that sets up analysts for success by helping them secure clients and provide the best possible analysis to those clients, and then to scale – reaching a broader audience – as the new firm matures.
“We’re thrilled to have an established research provider like FFTT join our growing platform,” says Mike Kronenberg, Analyst Hub co-founder and CEO. “While many analysts launch their firms with us, we are able to provide tremendous value to our clients at any point in the lifecycle of their business. With high-quality salespeople, proprietary technology and operations, we can efficiently scale analysts starting from scratch or those who are looking to expand their audience, improve their infrastructure and distribution, and ultimately their revenue.”

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