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Arcesium: Best Data Management Solution 

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Given the cloud-based nature of its operating model, Arcesium had the advantage of being well-positioned for a quick, seamless transition to a fully remote, global operation when the pandemic began. 

Dmitry Miller, SVP, Head of Technical Relationship Management at Arcesium, comments: “We were able to continue serving our existing clients and add new clients, without skipping a beat thanks to our cloud-native architecture and the hard work of our staff.”  

Due to the pandemic, Arcesium’s clients experienced a series of events, including increased trading volumes, market volatility, forced transition to remote work, and other major impacts affecting their business.

Miller says: “We were able to deliver continuous support and help mitigate these impacts of the pandemic through our technology platform and our financial operations services.” 

In terms of emerging trends, Miller predicts that data-centric concerns will become front and centre of almost every interaction Arcesium has with its existing partners, and with the market in general. “We really are seeing questions like ‘How do I access data in an easy, instant and digestible way to meet the needs of my business, and ensure consistent quality?’ These types of inquiries arise commonly,” he says. 

One specific area that a lot of market participants are looking at is the reduction of data integration friction between data suppliers and consumers. Many firms are looking to reduce data boundaries between organisations and empower their staff to work directly with the data.  

Miller says: “In support of these trends, we have been working hard at providing productivity tools on top of the data in our platform – self-service configuration of business rules, an easy-to-use data analytics user interface, direct access to their data via Snowflake.” 

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He also identifies developments for cloud-based modern data stacks as both an opportunity and a challenge for clients. “CDO and CTO offices are looking at the new tools and wondering, ‘Can I achieve better results using these?’ Arcesium is absolutely working on new innovative solutions to enable our clients to unlock the value of their data and increase the velocity of our clients’ data projects,” Miller says. 

As this year’s winner of Best Data Management Solution, Arcesium has been providing best-in-class data capabilities to its clients – not just this year, but since its launch. “We are honoured to be recognised in this category,” Miller says. “Our product provides comprehensive, sophisticated data models and integration links; we combine this with being a cloud-native SaaS platform in order to give our clients a quick time to market with the product. This year, we have been especially excited to share how we build on top of Snowflake’s data platform to help our clients access their data in an innovative way.”  

To provide the most value from a data perspective, an external technology firm like Arcesium can bring together its investment expertise and practical experience with modern cloud technologies to rapidly solve any investment management firm’s data challenges. This model can be used to accelerate customer data initiatives, modernise the tech stack to be cloud-native, or unlock business growth through optimised use of data across the organisation.  

“We’re actively working with our partners and clients on the next frontier of cloud adoption, specifically at the intersection of investment domain awareness and highly scalable data stacks,” Miller concludes. 

Dmitry Miller, SVP, Head of Technical Relationship Management, Arcesium
Dmitry Miller is a Senior Vice President and the Head of Technical Relationship Management at Arcesium. In this role, he represents the Arcesium platform to customers, and addresses the technology-related needs of their teams. In addition to leading technical relationship management, Dmitry is also a Product Manager, overseeing Arcesium’s data management and data warehouse products.

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