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Boutique investment firm Assured Capital Partners re-opens most successful fund

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Boutique Investment Firm Assured Capital Partners has re-opened its most successful fund to date to a limited number of new investors in an expanded offering. Only accredited investors may participate.

The firm’s ‘Balanced Growth’ fund, which has beaten the S&P substantially the last three years running, had previously been closed to new participants but was re-opened due to client demand. According to Christopher Harris, investment manager of the fund, the firm expects growth in excess of 20 per cent this year.
The fundraising comes at a time when investors have a greater number of options than ever before. Yet Harris says his firm is expecting to raise up to USD100 million in new capital this year. “At Assured we have a specific game plan and we do not deviate from it. We see clear opportunities in a volatile and highly fragmented financial services market.”
Assured’s management contends that the continued rise of interest rates in the US, trade war tensions, and a fourth quarter sell off in the equity markets has shifted some investor’s focus from maximising returns to protecting capital. Many investors believe that the large cap equity market has become so efficiently priced that it is difficult to gain an information advantage and indicated areas within long/short equity are among those that should see an increase in demand.

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