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Danel Capital Partners with Crux Informatics to broaden delivery of stock selection predictive dataset

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Danel Capital, an AI-driven analytics company, has partnered with Crux Informatics (Crux) to offer the Danel AI Score S&P 500 predictive stock scoring dataset to customers around the world. It will be available via Crux’s cloud-based data delivery platform, which connects financial companies with leading data suppliers.

Danel Capital is an AI company that uses machine learning and big data to produce predictive datasets, with the goal of helping improve the stock selection process in the asset management industry. These datasets can enable asset managers to access predictive scores for every stock of the S&P 500 index, rating the probability of outperforming the market in 30, 60 and 90 market days.

Crux will make this data available to customers within the investment management industry, simplifying the delivery process and ensuring a seamless flow of data through different methods, from API to cloud warehouse applications.

“We are delighted to offer our AI-powered predictive stock scoring, allowing asset managers to easily access our dataset. It includes the Smart Score, a global score that takes into account all the available market data for a specific stock, as well as separate sub-scores by indicator type: fundamental, technical and sentiment, to adapt to different asset management styles,” says Tomás Diago, CEO of Danel Capital. “Our partnership with Crux enables us to offer our dataset on an easy-to-use platform, with the highest levels of service and security.”

“Until now, data suppliers have had to face alone the friction involved in delivering and operating data feeds for clients. Crux presents a reliable alternative to the old distribution methods for growing companies like Danel Capital to accelerate its business,” says Michael Rude, head of go-to-market at Crux Informatics. “With our data delivery and operations service, 24/7 oversight of the data, and our flexible, future-proof set of data delivery channels, we look forward to getting Danel’s scores data into their customers’ hands quickly and easily.”

The Danel AI Score S&P 500 predictive stock scoring dataset can be accessed in a number of data formats and delivery methods on the Crux platform.

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