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EPEX Spot Intraday Power Market up 3 per cent in June

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The Intraday Power market, operated by EPEX Spot, grew by 3 per cent to 9.4 TWh in June (June 2020: 9.1 TWh), with the Dutch market achieving a record volume of 561 GWh (previous record: 472 GWh in May 2021). The Danish Day-Ahead market achieved its second best month with 978 GWh traded.

On the European Power Derivatives market, volumes in Spanish Power Futures increased by 8 per cent to 15.4 TWh. In addition, the power futures for Belgium (+150 per cent), the Nordic countries (+263 per cent), Austria (+188 per cent) and Greece (+578 per cent) all recorded triple-digit growth.

The Japanese Power Derivatives volume increased significantly by 250 per cent to 366 GWh (June 2020: 105 GWh), confirming EEX Group’s position as the main trading venue for power derivatives in Japan.

The US Power Derivatives market, operated by Nodal Exchange, set a new calendar month record for June 2021 with 175 TWh traded (+51 per cent).

The European Gas Spot market rose by 22 per cent, reaching a total volume of 107 TWh during the last month (June 2020: 88 TWh). The Czech CEGH hub showed triple-digit growth by 167 per cent, resulting in 1.2 TWh (June 2020: 0.4 TWh). The Austrian CEGH (+48 per cent to 10.4 TWh), Danish ETF (+30 per cent to 902.4 GWh), German GASPOOL (+23 per cent to 12.5 TWh), French PEG (+21 per cent to 12,1 TWh) and Dutch TTF markets (+23 per cent to 44.7 TWh) showed solid growth during the last month.
On 28 June, EEX successfully launched new Financial Gas Futures which are cash-settled against the European Gas Spot Index (EGSI). The new EGSI Futures, available for three markets areas (CEGH, NCG and TTF), have seen strong interest across the European markets, attracting players from the traditional gas trading community and financial companies. In the first three days EEX recorded 81.6 GWh traded in the new products.

The European Environmental products increased by 3 per cent to a total volume of 115 million tonnes of CO2 (June 2020: 112 million tonnes of CO2). Thereof, the Emission Spot market showed a positive development, increasing by 15 per cent to 69 million tonnes of CO2 (June 2020: 60 million tonnes of CO2), driven by the Primary Spot Market.
The US Environmentals market, operated by Nodal Exchange, showed significant increase of 114 per cent to a total volume of 16,376 contracts traded during the last month (June 2020: 7,635 contracts).

The EEX Dry Freight business saw a 12 per cent increase in Freight Futures which resulted in 85,738 lots traded.

The EEX Agricultural markets increased by 22 per cent, reaching a total trading volume of 3,376 contracts in June 2021 (June 2020: 2.762 contracts). This development was driven by a strong performance of the European Dairy Futures which tripled Y-O-Y and reached a volume of 2,092 contracts (June 2020: 676 contracts).

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