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EPEX Spot Power Intraday Markets up 28 per cent in April

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The Power Intraday Markets, operated by EPEX Spot, increased by 28 per cent in April 2021, reaching a volume of 10.7 TWh (April 2020: 8.4 TWh). 

The German and Danish Intraday markets reached new monthly records with 6.1 and 0.2 TWh traded (previous records: 5.9 TWh in October 2020 and 0.2 TWh in January 2021), while on the Day-Ahead segments, the Swedish (1.7 TWh) and Polish (0.2 TWh) market areas reached record volumes as well.

Volumes across the European Power Derivatives Markets declined in comparison to a very strong April 2020 volume. Against the overall trend, EEX recorded volume increases in its UK (+86 per cent), Nordic (+147 per cent) and Austrian Power Futures (+114 per cent).

The trading volume in the US Power Derivatives Market, operated by Nodal Exchange, increased by 20 per cent to 215 TWh. At the end of April, Nodal achieved a new record power futures open interest with 1,076 TWh per side (equivalent to the electricity consumption of 101 million homes for a year in the USA), representing 51.5 per cent market share which is also a new record.
The Japanese power offering of EEX Group also continued its positive development with a volume of 448 GWh traded during the last month.

The European Gas Spot Markets reached a volume of 155 TWh which marks an increase of 24 per cent compared to the same period last year (April 2020: 125.0 TWh). In April, EEX recorded increases across almost all spot markets, in particular reaching double-digit growth in France (PEG +67 per cent), Germany (GASPOOL and NCG, both +48 per cent), Denmark (ETF +61 per cent) and Austria (CEGH +78 per cent). The latter posted a new monthly record with 12.7 TWh (previous record: 10.5 TWh in January 2021). The Czech CEGH gas hub increased by 185 per cent to 1.5 TWh, continuing its positive trend.

In an overall declining European Gas Derivatives Market, the volumes traded in the German NCG hub more than doubled to 6.6 TWh (April 2020: 3.1 TWh), while the Italian PSV reported a double-digit growth to 1.2 TWh (April 2020: 990.6 GWh).

Trading in Environmental Products in Europe increased by 39 per cent to 112 million tonnes of CO2 traded during the last month. Both the Emissions Spot Market (+36 per cent) and the Derivatives Market (+46 per cent) contributed to this result. Trading on the Spot Secondary Market, reached a volume of 12 million tonnes of CO2 which marks a significant increase of 295 per cent.

The US Environmental Market, operated by Nodal Exchange, also continued its growth path with 21,359 contracts traded (+156 per cent), achieving its second highest monthly volume (highest volume: 29,580 contracts in February 2021).

EEX Dry Freight continued to achieve significant gains in April with overall volumes increasing  by 58 per cent to 100,810 lots. In addition to posting its second highest volume ever (record: 125,109 lots in March 2021). The business also set a new record in Open Interest achieving a maximum of 356,715 lots. Furthermore, in April, EEX expanded its range of products for the Dry Bulk Freight market with the launch of Handysize 7TC Freight Futures which has seen consistent trading since launching on 19 April.

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