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EPEX Spot Power Spot markets up 3 per cent in May 2021

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The Power Spot markets, operated by EPEX Spot, increased by 3 per cent in May 2021 to a total volume of 52.7 TWh (May 2020: 51.2 TWh). 

The Intraday markets mainly contributed to these results, registering a 27 per cent growth to 10.6 TWh (May 2020: 8.4 TWh) and posting new records on the Austrian (416.8 GWh) and Dutch (471.6 GWh) markets.

European Power Derivatives markets grew by 24 per cent in May and reached 391.8 TWh (May 2020: 315.5 TWh). While the Spanish (25.8 TWh) and Greek (2.0 TWh) markets posted new highs, the German, Austrian and Swiss markets all reported double-digit growth to 262.0 TWh, 914.2 GWh and 522.5 GWh, respectively. Also, the Belgian and UK Power Futures more than doubled their volumes compared to the same period last year, reporting 481.9 GWh and 415.8 GWh.

For Japanese Power Futures, EEX Group reported 389.8 GWh in May, which is a strong increase compared to May 2020 (11.8 GWh) when EEX first launched the products. In less than 12 months, EEX has firmly established itself as the leading venue for Japan Power Futures trading, holding 89 per cent exchange market share between January and May 2021.

The European Gas Spot markets reached a volume of 122.6 TWh, reporting a 9 per cent growth compared to the same period last year (May 2020: 112.9 TWh). The Austrian CEGH (+18 per cent to 9.5 TWh), Czech CEGH (+57 per cent to 911.1 GWh), Danish ETF (23 per cent to 968.3 GWh), German NCG (+16 per cent to 22.4 TWh) and French PEG (+44 per cent to 16.9 TWh) all posted a double-digit growth and mainly contributed to this positive trend.

The European Gas Derivatives markets increased by 56 per cent to 96.8 TWh (May 2020: 62.1 TWh), mostly driven by the volumes traded in the Dutch TTF (+63 per cent to 79.3 TWh). The growth was also driven by Czech CEGH (1.4 TWh) and German GPL (1.3 TWh) and NCG (7.6 TWh), which all reported a triple-digit growth.

Resulting from an increased market interest and continuously growing number of trading participants at EEX, trading in Environmentals products in Europe almost doubled to 143.4 million tonnes of CO2, with both the Emissions Spot market (+41 per cent to 66.7 million tonnes of CO2) and the Derivatives market (+208 per cent to 76.7 million tonnes of CO2) reporting outstanding results. While the volumes registered on the Derivatives market tripled thanks to both the Futures (+182 per cent) and the Options (+578 per cent) segments, the Seconday Spot market reported a new record with 18.2 million tonnes of CO2 traded (previous record in April 2017: 13 million tonnes of CO2).
The US Environmentals market, operated by Nodal Exchange, reached a total volume of 10,843 contracts traded in May, more than three times the volume traded during the same period last year (May 2020: 3,117 contracts).

EEX Dry Freight continued its growth path in May with overall volumes increasing by 22 per cent to 87,919 lots (May 2020: 71,826 lots). These great results were mostly driven by Freight Futures, which grew by 45 per cent to 77,274 lots (May 2020: 53,146 lots).    

The traded volumes of EEX Dairy products more than doubled to a total 2,565 contracts (May 2020: 1,084 contracts).  

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