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First trade in EUA futures for third European emissions trading period

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The first trade in EUA futures for the third European trading period was concluded on the market on 16 July for emission rights operated by European Energy Exchange and Eurex.

The volume traded comprised 25,000 EUA for delivery in the year 2013 and the trades were concluded between RWE and CEZ.

Since 30 June, it has been possible for the EEX and Eurex trading participants to trade EUA futures for delivery in the years 2013 and 2014 in addition to the existing contracts.

In June, the volume on the EEX derivatives market for CO2 emission allowances increased considerably as against the previous months. In total, 17,453,000 EUA were traded in June with derivatives trading on the secondary market accounting for 14,603,000 EUA.

EEX has recently extended the trading hours for emission futures on the exchange and has lowered the transactions fees on the derivatives market for emissions until the end of December.

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