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HedgeCoVest adds Pershing Advisor Solutions to alternative investment platform

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Pershing Advisor Solutions has been selected as a custodian for HedgeCoVest, a hedge fund alternative investment platform.

HedgeCoVest is scheduled for Beta launch in August 2014.
It is designed to revolutionise the way institutional and retail clients allocate to fund manager strategies through its proprietary technology called the Replicazor. The Replicazor will allow clients to replicate the strategy of hedge fund managers and unlike traditional hedge funds, will allow clients to retain control of investment capital in their brokerage account.
“Our strategic partnership with Pershing Advisor Solutions is a perfect fit and a testament to the ground breaking technology and commitment to excellence that will allow HedgeCoVest to bring the hedge fund industry to the masses,” says Evan Rapoport, CEO of HedgeCo Networks.
Pershing Advisor Solutions provides a platform designed specifically for investment advisors to efficiently manage their businesses and service their clientele.
HedgeCoVest removes the structural barriers of traditional hedge funds, empowering individuals and institutions alike to tactically allocate to hedge fund strategies used by large institutional investors for decades. HedgeCoVest will also provide improved transparency and security versus traditional hedge fund structures, along with the ability to monitor portfolios in real time.
“Pershing’s expertise will play an integral role in allowing investors to utilise HedgeCoVest to allocate to hedge fund strategies outside the hedge fund structure,” says Rapoport.
In addition to Pershing Advisor Solutions, HedgeCoVest clients will also be able to open their brokerage accounts with Interactive Brokers. HedgeCo Networks is backed by Asset Alliance, IA Capital Group and GEMS-Kenmar Olympia Group.

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