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Interactive Data launches API delivery for consolidated feed

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Interactive Data, a provider of managed ultra-low latency infrastructure and market data services designed to facilitate electronic trading, has made its consolidated feed available through a new suite of application programming interfaces (APIs).

With a wide-range of trading organisations and software firms looking for ways to easily integrate and consume market data, Interactive Data’s enhanced suite of APIs offers straightforward, programmatic access to a wide range of data sets, functionality and value-add services.
It can enable firms to use global cross-asset content, including tick-by-tick Level 1 and Level 2 data, covering over 450 data sources and newswires, within a broad range of applications that require data for price discovery, trading, portfolio pricing, risk management and other analytical operations.
The Consolidated Feed API is a fully hosted and scalable service, with no infrastructure required at the client site, and customisable to meet each client’s implementation and technology requirements. It offers compelling speeds and low latency capabilities for the consolidated feed.
More than 10 years of adjusted end-of-day historical data and up to 10 years of minute bar data are readily available through the API, alongside 40 days of tick by tick data to help support sophisticated charting requirements, for a large number of global exchanges.
In certain cases and subject to exchange approvals, Interactive Data can offer Vendor of Record (VoR) services, which enable software firms to focus on their core business of application development instead of becoming a data vendor in their own right. Through these services, complementing the consolidated feed offering, Interactive Data can help alleviate the burden placed on firms by the reporting and fee payment process of many exchanges.
“Our Consolidated Feed API offers all of the content sets available through the established wire protocol but with additional flexibility to help tailor it to specific client needs such as VoR services that can lower the cost and administrative complications associated with accessing multiple global markets. It can enable firms to access the breadth and depth of our content delivered across 22 global data centres,” said Emmanuel Doe, president, trading solutions group at Interactive Data.
The API uses recently launched regional points of presence (PoPs) in Europe, Asia and the US, reducing latency for local content by leveraging the firm’s regional ticker plants. This approach is designed to make the consolidated feed more cost- and bandwidth-efficient for access to local content while helping to ensure full resilience and fail over through Interactive Data’s 7ticks network.

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