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PerTrac links applications with Microsoft Excel

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PerTrac Financial Solutions has launched a Microsoft Excel add-in that allows users to interact with major PerTrac applications from within Excel.

PerTrac PowerLink opens new reporting and analysis possibilities for PerTrac clients, while allowing them to easily incorporate PerTrac applications into their existing Excel-centric workflows.
“PerTrac PowerLink bridges the gap between two of the most important software platforms for investment professionals, the PerTrac Suite and Microsoft Excel,” says Gerry Mintz, PerTrac president and chief executive officer. “Users can conveniently pull PerTrac Suite data and statistics into Excel, where they can build custom reports or do whatever calculations they wish, then push the results back into PerTrac applications.”
PerTrac PowerLink installs a new toolbar in Excel that allows users to import data and statistics from the PerTrac Analytical Platform, PerTrac CMS, and PerTrac Portfolio Manager.

Users can also export performance time series data and qualitative data fields from Excel to the PerTrac Analytical Platform.

Users can create a range of custom reports by combining PerTrac Suite data and statistics for multiple funds and benchmarks with colourful auto-generated Excel-native charts and tables.

They can commingle PerTrac data with data from other sources as inputs for their own custom Excel functions, including advanced analytics such as multiple regression and factor analysis.

Users can also pull advanced PerTrac statistics into Excel, including VaR, Modified VaR, ETL (CVaR), Modified ETL (CVaR), Omega, rolling skewness and rolling kurtosis, and generate reports using a library of pre-built PerTrac PowerLink report templates then professionally brand them with Excel’s multiple formatting options for distribution to internal and external clients.

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